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Users must enter Settings on iOS 11 to turn off Bluetooth and Wifi

For years smartphone users have been switching off both Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use because it makes sense.

As a result manufacturers have made switching these features off easier but in iOS 11 Apple made it more difficult.

When users swipe up and access their iPhone’s Control Center to switch off Bluetooth or Wifi, toggling those switches does nothing. This is completely intentional according to Apple.

Why? So that users can still use features such as AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch and Instant Hotspot.

What confuses us is that if we wanted to use those features we would just, you know, switch on Bluetooth or Wifi.

The new “feature” was tested by Motherboard which confirmed that Wifi and Bluetooth remain on in the Settings menu after switching them off in the Control Center.

To actually switch the technologies off users will have to dive into Settings to switch them off. For users that are concerned about battery consumption and worried about miscreants trying to get them the way these features are set up could be incredibly confusing.

Both Bluetooth and Wifi will also switch on at 5AM local time though we aren’t sure why.

So if you’ve upgraded to iOS 11 take note you now need to go through additional steps to switch your Wifi and Bluetooth off. Needless features, dongles for earphones – what will Apple come up with next?


[Image – CC BY ND 2.0 Nicholas Liby]


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