Continuing the trend of Overwatch accoutrements being turned 3D prints, it’s time for newest character Doomfist to receive the same fanfare.

User Fergal_kelly has recreated the recognisable gauntlet as a huge print measuring in at around 61cm long and 20cm wide. At 2.2 kilograms heavy, the gauntlet took 112 hours to print (not including failed parts) on a custom printer.

When we spoke to Fergal_kelly he told us that he has no plans to finish the piece more than what you can see in the gallery below, as it’s being donated to the NGO Substation 33.

If you’d like to beat them to the punch in making a game-accurate print, you should start by downloading the files for free from Thingiverse.

After that we suggest watching the four-part video series showing you how to put the parts together.

Those huge fingers are also designed to be articulated with a simple wire and spring system to give you a bit more flexibility for your cosplay or display piece, so stock up on those when you go and buy all the required filament.

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