To our mind there was no greater rivalry than there was between Thomas Edison and Nikolai Tesla, and it seems as if we’re getting a modern day recreation of that showdown, sort of.

Ford Motor Company has created a team that will push development of electric vehicles (EVs) forward, and it’s called Team Edison.

The company has noted that the demand for electric vehicles has the potential to increase as more governments join the likes of China and the UK in phasing out vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Team Edison will be tasked with developing partnerships with other firms, including suppliers in some markets. Ford has not budged on the $4.5 billion it has set aside for EV development over the next five years according to a report by Reuters.

Meanwhile Tesla says that it missed its initial shipment goal for the Model 3. The firm only made 260 of the Model 3, well below its goal of 1 500 vehicles. Tesla says it is confident it can address manufacturing bottle necks in the near term in a report by TechCrunch.

So then it looks like we’re going to see a repeat of the battle between Edison and Tesla only this time its between two massive firms and its about cars that don’t use fossil fuels.


[Image – CC BY 2.0 Jens Mayer]
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