Star Trek: Discovery is finally out and a fan of the franchise has already created a 3D print based on the show.

It is all four of the Insignia Badges, with one recreated for Command, Science, Operations and Medical.

Jose from CityAperture created these in AutoCAD before the show initially aired using promotional images as references. Once the 2D pictures were turned into 3D models, each badge only took around 40 minutes to print out.

From here multiple rounds of sanding, priming and filling were needed to give the badges that metallic smooth surface. After the main colours were added, the emblems were filled in with black paint.

To make your own start with the files on Thingiverse and then check out the accompanying video for a quick overview of how they were made.

A great addition to these prints would be a pair of magnets attached to the back like the official ones sold by QMx.

If you have enough filament left over and you want to use it to make more prints from Star Trek, here’s a collection of every version of the USS Enterprise

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