Halloween is coming up and the maker projects for the day are lining up to be built, and here’s a great example from Game Of Thrones.

This flexible mask was modelled after the Night King by the Jwall at Print That Thing. After a few prints in standard hard plastic, it was switched over to a flexible filament to make it bearable to wear.

The white colour was added with spray paint and the mask was done. It’s a bit rough when you get up close as the print lines are visible as well as some errant strings of filament, but it will work for any nighttime Halloween events.

To make your own start with the files hosted on Thingiverse and then watch the video to see how it was made. This is complex project that may take a lot of time to do, which is why the it was uploaded back in August.

Instead of a mask the files could also be used to make a decorative bust of the Night King, an idea which also popped up on MyMiniFactory recently.

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