The firm that brought us the BB-8 droid and the R2-D2 app-enabled droid are back with a new bot.

This time Sphero has created the starship mechanic and Imperial spy R2-Q5.

The droid will be able to interact with the other Sphero droids including the Sphero Mini, R2-D2 and the BB-9E thanks to an update to Sphero Edu app.

Part of the update allows all the droids to interact with each other, in addition to new animations and sounds.

As for availability we aren’t aware of a local release date and we wouldn’t hold our breath if we were you. That’s because this droid is a limited edition that is being sold at New York Comic Con according to Slash Gear.

That having been said the droid will also be available in the UK later this month for £199.99 so we’ll keep a bit of hope aside that R2-Q5 will come to South Africa.


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