Eight reasons DStv Premium customers should get Showmax

The announcement earlier this month that Showmax Premium subscribers now get Showmax at no additional cost is good news for consumers.

The streaming service gives users instant access to a jam-packed catalogue of movies, series, kids’ shows and more – featuring the best of HBO, the entire series of Game of Thrones, Disney shows for the kids and hit series that aren’t available anywhere else, such as Tom Hardy’s Taboo, Harlots, TUT and the latest South Park episodes express from the US.

Here’s why DStv Premium customers should activate their free Showmax.

  1. New and exclusive shows

Showmax has a growing catalogue of shows that are available first on Showmax such as Younger, Kingdom, Harlots, Taboo and Mr Robot S3, which is premiering on Showmax this month. Check out what else is coming up in October.

  1. For the love of HBO 

Showmax is the only streaming service to feature the best of HBO. There are more than 34 HBO series that you can binge from the beginning, including Girls, Westworld, Big Little LIes, The Night Of, Game of Thrones and The Sopranos.

  1. Great value for money

While Showmax is still available as a standalone streaming service for a monthly cost of R99, Showmax’s inclusion in a Premium subscription is a good motivation for DStv Compact Plus subscribers to upgrade. Showmax on top of Compact Plus would bring the monthly cost to R588, whereas for an extra R201, Compact Plus subscribers can upgrade to Premium, and get everything DStv has to offer plus all of Showmax’s content to boot.

  1. It’s easy to sign up

All anyone needs to enjoy Showmax’s content without the R99 monthly cost is a current DStv Premium sub, and to use their DStv account details as their payment option when signing up for a Showmax account at Showmax.com. Existing users need to simply sign in and switch their current payment option to DStv.

  1. Download and watch offline

Showmax gives users the option to download up to 25 shows and movies to mobile devices for easy viewing offline. This move has subscribers in mind, as it saves bandwidth by allowing them to download shows over Wi-Fi connections rather than using their expensive mobile data. Work Wi-Fi FTW!

  1. Watch on a connected DStv Explora

Showmax is available on the DStv Explora, as long as it’s connected to the internet. This is super-convenient as no additional hardware is needed to stream shows directly to the TV.

  1. Watch on multiple devices

As Showmax is an internet-streaming service, it’s not tied to one device or platform. In addition to iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and some smart TVs, Showmax has also deployed an app for the Xbox One. Xbox One owners just need to download it from Xbox Live and enter their account details to get access to Showmax on their Xboxes. It’s incredibly convenient as Xboxes are often hooked up to the home’s main TV, so no additional playback device is needed.

  1. Watch on two devices at the same time

Showmax can be enjoyed on two smartphones / tablets / PCs / Macs / smart TVs at the same time, and each account can have up to five authorised devices registered to it.

All of this comes at no additional cost to DStv Premium subscribers. This one is a total no-brainer. Go to www.showmax.com/dstv to get your Showmax subscription now.

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