This Halloween Blizzard is giving Hearthstone players a chance to switch out Gul’dan for an all new hero skin for the Warlock class at Hallow’s End Fireside Gatherings.

This hero is Nemsy Necrofizzle – a pint sized gnomish warlock but you won’t be able to buy her. To get your hands on Necrofizzle you’re going to have to attend a Fireside Gathering.

Fireside Gatherings are Blizzard’s way of bringing the Hearthstone community together. Think Friday Night Magic but with more laptops.

The best part about Fireside Gatherings is that anybody can start a Tavern but to offer your patrons (grim or otherwise) Necrofizzle you’ll need to be established. This means you will need to have already hosted a Fireside Gathering where three other players attended. After that you’ll be prompted to create a Tavern.

Then even after you’ve established a Tavern, players will need to participate in a Fireside Brawl to claim Necrofizzle. These brawls are special events that can only be played at Fireside Gatherings.

Nemsy Necrofizzle will only be available as a reward for participating in a Fireside Brawl at a Fireside Gathering from 17th October but Blizzard says she will be available as a reward for the foreseeable future so if you miss this round of Fireside Gatherings you won’t miss out.

Now as luck would have it there are several Fireside Gatherings happening locally after the 17th. You can find details for a Tavern close to you by visiting this website.

A free hero, friends and Hearthstone. Sounds like a good way to close off the month if you ask us.