Local cell service provider MTN has just launched its WOW Voice Bundles which promises more calling for your rands, albeit with many caveats to keep in mind.

Firstly, they only apply to PayAsYouGo customers and exclude those on the Pay Per Second plan.

Secondly, the bundles are only applicable for MTN to MTN calls, so you won’t be getting any of the benefits if the people you need to call are on other networks.

You can see the various bundles on offer below, which also expire after a set amount of time, so try and remember those when making a purchase.

If all those conditions seem fine to you, you can buy the bundles by dialling *141*2*1#.

Update: Due to an error in a press release, the validity periods of the first four bundles were incorrectly stated as expiring at midnight. Their actual validity period is 24 hours, and that has been reflected below.

Description Minutes Validity Price
Daily Bundle R3 7 Mins 24 hours R3
Daily Bundle R7 20 Mins 24 hours R7
Daily Bundle R10 35 Mins 24 hours R10
Daily Bundle R15 60 Mins 24 hours R15
Weekly Bundle R30 140 Mins 1 Week R30
Weekly Bundle R50 250 Mins 1 Week R50
Weekly Bundle R100 550 Mins 1 Week R100
Monthly Bundle R150 1 000 Mins 1 Month R150
Monthly Bundle R200 1 700 Mins 1 Month R200
Monthly Bundle R300 3 000 Mins 1 Month R300
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