Those looking for an internet connection in South Africa now have a new online tool to compare available services through Chameleon Fibre.

To use the tool you’ll first be asked what kind of service you’re looking for, divided into fibre-to-the-business (FTTB), home, home business, and streaming.

From there you’ll need to input your address to see if your area is fibre ready, and then you can cut down the number of results by sorting by data caps, ISPs, networks, price and speeds.

We had a look around to see how it works and we’re impressed so far. The results pop up relatively fast and three packages are highlighted with a small flame symbol. We assume these are the hottest (most popular) choices, but you can always keep scrolling until you find the offer you like the most.

The one suggestion we have for Chameleon Fibre is the ability to choose a minimum upload speed, as right now you can only specify download speed.

Before Chameleon Fibre there was another website that offered the same service. The similarly animal-themed FibreTiger has been around for some time now, but it’s always been plagued by a confusing layout that isn’t the easiest to use.

Having two such tools can only be good for consumers, especially because both services stress the importance of shopping around before you settle on something.