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This 3D print is the perfect place for your Metroid amiibo

With new Metroid games coming out the franchise is once again in the spotlight, and makers are already creating new projects around it.

Marcus Jordan has done just that with this amiibo stand which is modelled after the opening of Super Metroid.

Jordan tells us that it took him around eight hours to create in Fusion 360 working off of screenshots, with some creative liberties taken due to the lack of details.

Printing took more than 20 hours with the final prop measuring in at around 26 X 14 X 13 centimetres without the amiibo.


After super gluing the separate parts together Jordan began the paint job with Krylon colours, using a knife and sand paper to add weathering effects.

Finally, the screenshot used in the modelling stage was edited to remove the parts which had now become the finished prop, and it was printed onto paper and laminated to act as the backdrop.

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own, you should start with the files hosted on Thingiverse. Jordan says that he spent time making sure it was printer friendly and easy to assemble.

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