This 3D print for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller makes it more accessible for disabled gamers

The ingenious 3D prints for the Nintendo Switch keep rolling and, and this add-on for the Pro Controller makes it easier to use for people with physical diabilities.

The print works by attaching to the controller with a clamp and allowing the user to activate all the top buttons and triggers using only one hand.

When we spoke to the creator of the design, Eric Majot, he told us that the most difficult part of the design process was finding a 3D model of the Pro Controller.

After retrieving one from Yeggi, he adapted an existing clamp design from MyMiniFactory.


The important mechanism at the top was also an adaptation from an Xbox One mod with the same intention. That design is based off of The Controller Project which creates custom input devices.

To make your own you’ll need to start with the files hosted on Thingiverse. Majot tells us that it took him a little over 6 hours to print.

Coincidentally, this isn’t the first such print for the Switch. Earlier this year an adaptor was created that allowed two Joy-Cons to be used with a single hand.

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