The mascot and merch-seller for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the Porg and, while you can already buy official products of the little guy, you can also 3D print yourself one.

This design comes from us from the very talented user Fotis Mint who we’ve featured in the past for their Game of Thrones and Overwatch prints.

When we spoke to Fotis Mint they told us that the model only took around a day to create, but a further three days were needed to get the expression just right.

The finished version you see in the gallery below was printed in grey filament and stands at 12 centimetres tall.

While an airbrush paint job was the initial choice for the colouring, regular brushes were used instead to get a better fur effect.

To print a Porg start with the files hosted on MyMiniFactoryUpdate: A screaming version has been added.

A few days before this model went live another version appeared on Thingiverse too. It’s in a different sitting pose with visible feet, so give that one a look too before you start up the printer.

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