Earlier this year Tinder rolled out access to a web interface of its app to limited countries.

The web interface was only available in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Phillipines and Sweden until recently.

As with the mobile app you will need a Facebook profile to create a Tinder profile but you can either swipe using your mouse of keyboard shortcuts.

The interface is extremely familiar with the array of buttons including like, Super Like and dislike all beneath the photo of your potential match.

A nice touch is how the website displays the profile of the match you’re talking to while you chat to them.

The question many will have is ‘why?’ The app works fine so why make the move to a website?

When Tinder announced its web interface back in March (yes it seemingly took seven months to roll out a website to the world at large) it said that not everybody has access to 4G and some users might not have enough storage on their handsets to support Tinder.

To use Tinder on your desktop simply head to Tinder.com.

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