The fervour for Cuphead continues almost a month past release with maker Ezequiel Skorepa creating this print of the titular character’s head, that you can use as a cup.

After two hours of modelling in Fusion 360 and six hours of printing, this prop is a bit bigger than you’d expect and probably closer to a bowl.

At around 102 X 122 X 61 millimetres, Skorepa told us that it can hold 308 cubic centimetres of liquid.

Even better: the entire print holds water and you can happily have a drink from it. Even the straw, which is a separate print, can be used as expected.

To make your own you’ll need the files from Thingiverse. And if your plan is to actually use it for drinks, we suggest doing your research into what kinds of filament are food safe.

You’ll want to be weary of what paint you use too. The version in the gallery below used simple acrylic paint.

This is the third Cuphead 3D print we’ve featured. The first was a scale model of Mugman, and the second was a flip book crank that let you replicate some of the game’s amazing animation at home.

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