After two full days of downloading Destiny 2 I was finally able to jump into the game for the first time yesterday afternoon.

Having no idea what to expect I sat down with a cup of coffee, adjusted my monitors position and clicked play. After waiting for ages for the game to load on my 5400RPM HDD I was greeted by a glorious sound track. Seriously, Bungie has done some incredible work on the music in this game.

After setting my display options up so I could still interact with Discord (borderless fullscreen is just the way games are meant to be played) I had to select my class and customise my character.

This my level 8 Awoken Warlock. She’s not much at the moment but I am only a few missions deep in the story and have been searching for EDZ Tokens to get my reputation with Devrim Kay up.

So woke. Geddit?

Fluid dynamics

The first hour or two of Destiny 2 feels a bit sluggish though this is understandable as there is a lot to digest for newcomers such as myself. I appreciate being eased into it all.

Once you get through those initial stages however you feel like you’re piloting a freight train as you slog through enemies collecting ammo and gear along the way.

With that having been said I do feel like Bungie has done a great job of making the player feel powerful but still making the enemies challenging. Named enemies are both scary and an enjoyable fight. More than once I found myself rejoicing at the prospect of loot while strafing between cover keeping my health above zero.

Bear in mind that I am still in the early stages of the game so this might change as I get further along.

One of the more interesting experiences I’ve had (we’ll get to the lasers in a bit) had to do with public events.

I had just completed a main story mission and the game was transporting me back to the Church in the European Dead Zone. Upon my arrival I was facing a public event that had just started.

Public Events appear at random and give you a chance to unlock your sub-class and have fun with other players.

“Should I join,” I asked myself.

Before my brain could answer I pulled the trigger on my automatic rifle and “Public Event Joined” splashed on my screen.

Just like that I was fighting the Fallen with about six other Guardians. I died once and rallied. There was no communication between any of us but our goal was clear: clean out the enemies and get the loot.

Of course the other goal is unlocking a sub-class so there is a point to joining these events other than straight up fun.

The laser adventure

So, I didn’t know that the laser traps in Destiny 2 were explosive. I suspected something would happen when I broke the beam but death was not that thing.

I was doing an Adventure in the Salt Mines when I came across a hall filled to the brim with laser traps. Like the hot-headed gamer I often am I ran head first into the field of beams.

Bad idea.

My Guardian fell to the floor and a scoreboard appeared on screen telling me how many times I had died (twice for those wondering, once from the lasers and the second time I totally didn’t fall off of a cliff).

Needless to say I now take my time surveying the environment before charging in.

Today I head to Titan for the first time to see what Saturn’s moon has in store for me.

Hopefully I can pick up a nice new primary weapon for myself before heading into the Crucible to see how I fare against other humans.

Disclaimer: Destiny 2 PC code was provided by the local distributor of the game.