If you had plans to upgrade your graphics card you might want to hold on to your money just a bit longer because a new player has entered the battleground.

That player is NVIDIA’s all new GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card and it’s an interesting and confusing card to say the least.

Confused? Take a look at the table below which compares the 1070 Ti to the next graphics card up in NVIDIA’s stable, the GTX 1080.

GTX 1070 Ti GTX 1080
CUDA Cores 2 432 2 560
Base Clock 1607MHz 1607MHz
Boost Clock 1683MHz 1733MHz
Memory speed 8Gbps 10Gbps
Memory interface width 256-bit 256-bit
Total Memory Bandwidth 256GB/s 320GB/s
Power connectors Single 8-pin Single 8-pin
Recommended PSU 500W 500W
TDP 180W 180W
Max Temp (C) 94 degrees 94 degrees

As you can see from the table above there is very little separating the GTX 1070 Ti from the GTX 1080.

However it’s not the GTX 1080 the GTX 1070 Ti seems to be competing against but rather AMD’s RX Vega 56.

The Team Red GPU has a Boost Clock of just 1471MHz compared to the GTX 1070 Ti’s 1683MHz.

The GTX 1070 Ti houses a GP104 GPU which NVIDIA says is close as it comes to the chip in the GTX 1080 without actually using that chip.

Team Green’s latest graphics card arrives in South Africa in mid-November.

Pre-order are open now through Wootware with prices starting at R8 199.

Luckily Christmas is just around the corner right?