The 3D printed props from Destiny 2 keep coming out and we now have a single model that can become two different weapons.

The Better Devils and True Prophecy weapons seem to share the same physical design, so you can create either one from the files hosted on MyMiniFactory.

The completed version you see in the gallery below more closely resembles the Better Devils because of the choice of filament used, but you will need to break out the paints to make it convincing.

Modelled in Fusion 360, it measures in at 40 centimetres long, so it definitely earns the title of hand cannon.

It features a barrel that can be flipped out and remains put with some magnets. This is a clever prop-making tricks we’ve seen many times, most recently in the Drang 3D print, also from Destiny 2.

The trigger is another moving part created with a small metal rod, and you can see the rest of the intricate details in an assembly video also uploaded by James McIntosh from Full Boost Studio.

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