We might be within sniffing distance of the end of 2017 but Uber’s turbulent year is far from over.

Three engineers have this week filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court in San Francisco which sees Uber accused of discriminating against the engineers based on their gender and race.

Ingrid Avendano, Roxana del Toro Lopez and Ana Medina claim that compensation and other practices at the ride sharing firm discriminate against women and people of colour.

The lawsuit filed by the trio claims that women, Latino, American Indian and African American employees receive lower performance scores compared to men, white and Asian employees.

These lower performance scores make it harder for those employees to advance through the ranks at Uber.

Reuters reports that the lawsuit also alleges that women, black and Latino employees lose out on pay raises, bonuses, stock options and other benefits because of Uber’s discriminatory practices.

This lawsuit is yet another item on the laundry list of issues Uber has faced this year including allegations of sexual harassment and accusations that the firm’s culture allowed behaviour that endangered to foster.

[Source – Reuters]