Getting to the max level of 20 in Destiny 2 felt a lot like work.

Perhaps it was the fact that I had been in the same area for ages (Nessus) running between adventures trying to achieve the maximum level.

My desire to reach the level requirement was banked on unlocking rewards but also because since Thursday I had seen fewer folks running around the various world’s of Destiny 2 with a level number lower than 15.

So armed with energy drinks, crisps and a new track from A Perfect Circle I started grinding.

Adventures cleared. Level 16. Where to now? Oh Io is open. Grind some more there.

It wasn’t until half way through level 17 that I realised I should head back to The Farm to pick up rewards and meet up with Ikora, Cayde-6 and Zavala.

Here I unlocked challenges, Patrols and other activities that would have (and did) made level progression somewhat easier.

Now many folks will say that grinding is part of the game and they are correct but Destiny 2 has something in common with The Division – you have to do that grinding with other people.

Of course I knew this going in but I had hopes that one could do well enough alone to not warrant looking for other players to join me in my grind.

It’s not that I don’t like playing games with other people but I’ve played enough Dota to know that other humans have a habit of becoming toxic when the RNG is not in their favour on a particular day.

The Division suffered from this immensely. Many times I tried to partake in an Incursion in The Division (basically what we know as raids) only to be kicked from a group because my gear score was too low.

Look I get it, there are only so many hours in a day but letting a noob join your ranks so they can learn and get gear good enough to be useful to you in the future is not going to destroy your day.

Over and above that I have died a lot in Destiny 2. Does that make me bad? No, does it mean that I’ve taken more than one projectile to the face because I was more concerned with gliding through the air? Yes, yes it does.

My fear is that bringing my mediocre skills to the public realm will leave me flustered and less than excited to continue grinding with others for the foreseeable future.

Having reached level 20 and only having a few missions left to go in the main story I will dive into the Crucible this evening and perhaps take part in a few public events, just to see what I am up against.


A word on performance

I’ve had two massive crashes in Destiny 2 thus far. The first just simply disconnected me from the game with the error code Weasel which was fine. I wasn’t doing much so it didn’t sting.

On Saturday morning however the game crashed hard. After a few hours of playing my PC just froze and became unresponsive.

I didn’t lose anything important (constant online connections have benefits) but it was annoying.

Destiny 2 is really gorgeous to behold and on my aging system which houses an AMD FX 8320, 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti it looks great.

Sometimes Destiny 2’s art reminds me No Man’s Sky, just a lot more fun.

There are some frame rate issues that I’ve noticed when being surrounded by enemies but as I mentioned, my system is old so that is to be expected and after turning settings down I had no such issues.

So tonight armed with some new Legendary equipment I will dive into the Crucible for some PvP action.

Dominus Ghaul can wait, I need to see if Destiny players are less toxic than he is.