Keyboards that promise to “level up” your gaming are more often than not snake-oil with a bit of RGB flare.

Now a new keyboard has appeared online that bills itself as ‘the esports’ keyboard.

That keyboard is from a firm called Dygma and the mechanical keyboard itself is called Raise.

As you might infer from the name, the keyboard is raised to avoid – as Dygma puts it – “harmful wrist torsion”.

The key difference between Raise and – you know – all keyboards that are raised for comfort is that Raise splits down the middle.

My question was why? Never have I looked down at my keyboard during a game of Dota and thought, “I wish I could cut this thing in half.”

The firm says that one half of the keyboard can be removed to give you more space for your mouse but again, why? The entire point of a keyboard is so that you have access to as many keys as you need, especially in many esports titles.

Think back; how many esport players have you seen using a Razer Orbweaver? None. Why? Probably because they’re stupid.

Perhaps my cynicism is dripping through a bit too much here as I’m told that split keyboards are enjoyed by some folks.

As for the Raise, it just seems silly especially for a product that is being marketed for esports.

Availability is still up in the air with the Raise webpage stating the keyboard will be coming to Kickstarter soon though you can sign-up for a Super Early Bird special which shaves 40% off of the final price.