Criminals attempt to sell hijacked trailer on Gumtree, get nabbed

Two suspects have been arrested in Vereeniging, Gauteng after they tried to sell a stolen trailer on Gumtree. We couldn’t make this up if we wanted to.

The owner of the trailer was reportedly browsing Gumtree when he spotted a trailer that looked remarkably like his.

“The owner then alerted police who arranged to meet with the sellers in Vereeniging,” Captain Mavela Masondo told News24.

The trailer was allegedly hijacked along with a truck in May. The driver of the truck was found murdered in the North West a day after the crime.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the trailer (valued at R660 000) is in-fact the trailer that was hijacked in May but police are still searching for the truck.

The authorities also seized a Nissan Navara which was reportedly used in the hijacking.

Masondo added, “The arrested suspects will be appearing in the Gauteng and North West magistrate’s courts in due course.”

Congratulations to the South African Police Services for catching these suspected criminals.

And as an aside, if more criminals could be this silly so that its easier to catch them, that would be fantastic.

Alternatively don’t do crime it clearly doesn’t pay.

[Image – CC BY 0 Pixabay]

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