Horizon Zero Dawn’s Sawtooth recreated in LEGO

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German student Marius Herrmann has made a name of himself for his LEGO recreations from Titanfall 2 and then Horizon Zero Dawn, and he’s back with a new build from the latter series.

It’s the Sawtooth built to a larger scale compared to a LEGO minifigure in order to add more detailing. Look closely and you’ll see a lot of weird pieces used to achieve the in-game look.

The black snout, for example, is a large wolf head from the Vikings theme. Those tan, printed pieces on the back of the fronts legs come from a buildable action figure of a Star Wars Scarif Stormtrooper.

There’s a lot of great details like that to look out for and it appears that, unlike some of his previous builds which featured painted pieces, this is all original LEGO.

Sawtooth (from "Horizon Zero Dawn")

If you’re hoping for a part list and instructions to make your own Sawtooth, you’re out of luck.

When we spoke to Herrmann last year he told us that his bigger builds are a bit too unwieldy to make instructions for.

Luckily, he did team up with South Africa’s own Wayne de Beer to release everything you need for a miniature Thunderjaw. It’s a far cry from his previous attempt, which used thousands of pieces, but it’s a great desk toy you can build on the cheap.

Make sure you check out that huge build as well as the as well as the Tallneck which was made by de Beer, and even built by Hideo Kojima at one point.

Sawtooth (from "Horizon Zero Dawn")

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.