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[Press release] Huge Telecom pioneers a world first, providing Full Suite Telephony over Wireless

Huge Telecom – a trusted provider of first-tier last-mile telephony services to corporate organisations in South Africa – has successfully installed the first ever full suite telephony service over wireless technology. This is a world first which is bound to be disruptive as it provides the market with an alternative to a traditional fixed landline telephone service with all of its concomitant functionality.

The features of a telephony service that makes it full suite is the ability to provide a single inbound trigger number, inbound calling with line hunting in hunt groups and a single caller line identification – of the inbound trigger number – on all outbound calls.

What makes Huge Telecom’s wireless full suite telephony services a world first is the fact that Huge Telecom can provide a customer with a geographic number and this geographic number can be assigned the status of trigger number. In other words, Huge Telecom can provide a geographic number in combination with wireless technology. Wireless means faster install times, no risk of cable theft, faster mean times to repair and a self-healing first-tier network infrastructure. It also means lower costs than traditional fixed landline infrastructure.

The first customer to enjoy the benefits of Huge Telecom’s vision for full suite telephony is Specsavers’ brand new branch in the new Cornubia Mall in KZN. Rajesh Lazarus, a Senior Technician at Huge Telecom’s Durban office was responsible for connecting Specsavers’ new switchboard to Huge Telecom’s wireless full suite telephony service.

Huge Telecom currently provides services to 27 of Specsavers’ and Execuspecs’ practices countrywide. Nash Arjoon, of Specsavers’ holding company Kirk and Partners, commented, “We have always been very happy with Huge Telecom’s exceptional service and the cost savings we enjoyed from using their services but the provision of the added functionality of full
suite telephony and the making available of a geographic number has fortified the value they have put on the table for us.”

Huge Telecom sells its services exclusively through its network of over 650 Business Partners countrywide. Marc Lefevre of Pan IP, the Huge Business Partner that secured the Specsavers account, adds: “We have been looking for the next exciting thing in this market for a long time now. I believe that Huge Telecom has cracked this nut, and done so convincingly. We see an enormous potential for Huge Telecom’s new Wireless Full Suite Telephony service and we think that it will completely reconfigure the South African business telecommunications landscape. We are very excited to be right at the cutting edge of this innovation”.

James Herbst, MD of Huge Telecom, adds: “The activation of the first Wireless Full Suite Telephony customer is the culmination of a 24 year journey for Huge Telecom, from our beginnings way back in 1993. It is the result of perseverance, continually questioning and challenging the status quo. Our new Wireless Full Suite Telephony is the most exciting single
step forward we have ever taken and will undoubtedly have a major impact on both our business and the South African business telephony market in general.”

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