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SABC employees to go on strike on Thursday

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SABC employees will be embarking on a protected strike from this Thursday, 1st November, over a number of concerns, including salaries.

Employees at the public broadcaster who are members of trade unions BEMAWU and the Communication Workers Union (CWU), have been engaging in negotiations with SABC management for about three weeks, to come to an agreement.

Among some of the employees initial demands were:

  • Bonuses in December
  • No retrenhcments
  • Investigations into the company’s protest policy
  • Salary increases

Most of the demands were met, apart from salary increases and a few others.

Last week, the trade unions agreed to delay the issuing of a strike notice until yesterday to afford the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) an opportunity to mediate between the two sides, which was not successful.

A strike notice has now been issued to SABC management.

The unions have published guides to protected strike procedures for employees to follow.

The new SABC board expressed concern over the looming strike action and lamented that the public broadcaster’s finances are yet to stabilise.



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