Data isn’t falling, but South Africans are at least paying less for new gadgets

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The fight to lower mobile data prices in South Africa is far from won, but we can take a little comfort in knowing that the telecoms equipment is getting cheaper.

According to the Consumer Prince Index (CPI) report for August released by StatsSA, postal and telecommunication services and equipment, recreational equipment, fuel (petrol and diesel), hotels and appliances all experienced slight price decreases from January to August this year.

“The price index for telecommunication equipment continued on its long-term download trend, falling by 8.6% in August compared with January. The average price for a cellular phone, for example, decreased by R82 from R2 622 in January 2017 to R2 540 in August 2017. Since January 2014, overall prices for telecommunication equipment have fallen by 36%,” StatsSA said.

The graph below shows that telecoms equipment prices showed the biggest decreased among all listed CPI products and services.

“With South African budgets having to cope with rising prices in general, it’s good to know that there are nevertheless some items for which we are getting more for less,” StatsSA said.