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This Arduino Sesame Street clock has a Cookie Monster magnet train

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Arduino and Raspberry Pi alarm clocks are popular projects for makers at every level, so there’s a lot of them out there. This version with a focus on Sesame Street is worth a look though.

Instructables user The Puma is to thank for  for this creation, which is based on an Arduino Uno and even comes with a fire alarm built in.

Aside from working as a clock and an alarm, the theme is the obvious talking point. The characters are standard toys bought from Amazon, but they’re attached to the box with magnets so they can be removed and played with, as well as repositioned.

Cookie Monster gets his own attraction with a small cookie train that is moved along thanks to a rotating mechanism inside of the main body, and more magnets.

There’s a lot of 3D printing hidden inside this build. Some of the internal structure for the moving train was printed, as well as many of the decorations on the box such as Bert and Ernie, and the familiar green sign post.

You can find the files for those prints (taken from Thingiverse), as well as the code for the Arduino over on GitHub. A breakdown on how the rest of the project was made is available on Instructables.

When we spoke to “The Puma” about the project they told us that this was created as a present for their young cousin, so maybe keep this project in mind if you’re at a loss for a similar gift in the future.

Make sure you also watch the video below for a quick demo to see some of the features as well as a look at the electronics inside of the base.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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