As the silly season approaches, the need to save money ahead of the Christmas Rush rears its head. Before presents are bought, holiday bags are packed and general madness ensues, it may be a great idea to use November for some downtime – and if you can save a buck or two so much the better.

In this instance, Showmax has you covered. South Africa’s premier streaming service has some brilliant content locked and loaded for this month; from locally made dramas, to laugh-out-loud comedies to some of the most critically acclaimed shows from abroad, November is a virtual smorgasbord of entertainment.

Here are some of Showmax’s juiciest items – oh and we don’t have to tell you about Season 3 of Mr. Robot, which continues through this month do we? Of course not, you’re already watching it!


Jan Season 1

If you’re a foodie and you’ve ever wanted a peep into the world of a culinary wizard, the first season of Jan should be on your menu.

This series focuses on South Africa’s first Michelin Star-winning chef, Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen, looking at his inspirations, his experiences and – naturally – his sumptuous creations. Watch now »

Waterfront Season 1

Cape Town’s picturesque V&A Waterfront might not seem like the natural setting for a gritty, biting drama, but this locally made show easily bucks that expectation. Waterfront tells the story of three daughters who return to home after the death of their father, leaving his boating empire behind.

The three have a long-standing rivalry to begin with, but when questions are raised concerning who will inherit their father’s business, things become positively toxic. If all this sounds like a spin on Dynasty, the atmosphere in Waterfront is a lot more glacial – think Egoli crossed with The Killing and you’re starting to get the idea. Watch now »


South Park Season 21


Come along down to South Park, the place where foul-mouthed kids, gross-out humour and smarter-than-average satire are present and correct.

Now in its 21st season, the adult cartoon created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone still sits on the bleeding edge of comedy – although if you’re easily offended, you need not apply. Watch now »

The Path Season 1

What’s a cult-member to do when they have a crisis of faith and they’re completely surrounded by the indoctrinated? Aaron Paul plays Eddie Lane, a member who, after visiting Peru, begins to wonder if he’s been on the wrong path with his faith.

The problem is that right now his cult head is on the rise, expanding his influence, and he’s having to keep his doubts from his fiercely committed family. Watch from 27 November »

The Break-Up

When a relationship goes down in flames, things are bad enough. But when love ends and both of you live in the same apartment, things can get downright nasty. This is the predicament Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Anniston) find themselves in.

Heartache quickly turns to vindictiveness as both try to get the other to leave the condo they share. At turns touching, but mostly a hilarious comedy. Watch now »


The always excellent Denzel Washington stars as William ‘Whip’ Whitaker Snr, a passenger jet pilot who also happens to be an alcoholic and cocaine addict. When a flight he’s in charge of goes into a steep dive, Whip makes a controlled crash landing and wakes up in the hospital. After a brief period in which he’s hailed as a hero, a toxicology report shows he was intoxicated while flying, and then the authorities get involved.

Not only is Washington superb as the film’s conflicted pilot, director Robert Zemeckis pulls off something of a coup in the action department. Just don’t watch this before you get on a plane. Watch from 9 November »

  • There are thousands more series and movies to enjoy on Showmax. Go to to browse the full catalogue. Plus, if you haven’t already done so, add Showmax to your DStv Premium account at no extra charge.


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