Happy Monday! Prepare to see your productivity decrease by increments as some thoughtful modder out there has provided a Nintendo casual time sink.

The individual known as Skelux is in the process of restoring Nintendo’s old Flash games to the internet.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, think back to a time when Flash wasn’t looked at as a bug-ridden exploit and was pretty widely used. Tons of companies used it to promote their wares and Nintendo was no different. Nintendo would release Flash tie-in games to give the games it was releasing a little buzz.

The Japanese gaming giant yanked all of these games from cyberspace after a time, but Skelux has apparently made it his mission to hunt them all down using the Wayback Machine to search the internet archives. He’s already slung quite a few up on his website and they’re really worth checking out.

Skelux is so committed to this task, they are even offering $50 to anyone who can help track down the missing files to these games. In the meantime, we’re waiting with baited breath to see if Nintendo is going to allow Skelux to continue or send a cease and desist letter to remove the work that’s been done already.


[Source: Endgadget]