Watch Dogs is free on PC today

If you’re in the market for a free game on PC, rejoice! Ubisoft has decided to start the holiday season by offering PC owners a free copy of Watch Dogs.

Yes, free. For nothing. It lands on the Uplay Store for download this afternoon. And while we’re not sure 7th November really counts as the start of the ‘holiday season’, we’re not going to complain about getting a free game.

Now, there is a catch – there’s always a catch – in that interested parties have only a week to bag their free copy. The game will be available at 6pm (local time) today until 6pm on 13th November when this offer ends. The good news is that if you download the game in that time, Ubisoft has confirmed that it’s yours to keep indefinitely.

If you’ve never played Watch Dogs before, it’s certainly worth checking out. The plot for this open-world cyber thriller focuses on hacker Aidan Pearce, who decides to wreak revenge on Chicago’s underworld after his niece is killed in an attempt on his life.


Admittedly, Watch Dogs isn’t as good as last year’s sequel, but it’s still a blast to play. And, hey, it’s free. You really going to turn that down?

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