Former AMD GPU head Raja Koduri has a new position, at Intel

Yesterday we brought you news that the head of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group Raja Koduri had left the company. Rumours had already begun circulating that he had jumped ship to Intel and now Team Blue has confirmed those rumours.

Koduri has been appointed Intel chief architect, senior vice president of the new Core and Visual Computing Group and “general manager of a new initiative to drive edge computing solutions” Intel said in a press release.

The real reason for Intel snapping up Koduri is graphics.

As you might be aware Intel doesn’t make discrete graphics chips like AMD or NVIDIA. That’s not to say Team Blue is completely absent from the market just that you’re more likely to find its chips crunching numbers for machine learning than you are to find them rendering guns in Call of Duty.


So could this be Intel’s push to enter the consumer graphics market beyond integrated graphics on its Core range of CPUs? Time will tell but the appointment of Koduri gives that suspicion legs.

“I am incredibly excited to join the Intel team and have the opportunity to drive a unified architecture vision across its world-leading IP portfolio that help’s accelerate the data revolution,” said Koduri of the appointment.

The graphics genius who led the transition to Retina displays during his time at Apple starts his new position at Intel in December.

[Source – Intel]


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