Despite its popularity, 3D prints from World of Warcraft are few and far between, which makes finding one as good as this Eredar Splitter even better.

When we spoke to its designer, Vincent Vagnier, he told us that he built a low poly version of of the design 3ds Max, exported it to Blender to sculpt the rest, and then brought it back to 3ds Max for the slicing. This process took around 10 hours.

The resulting 11 different pieces took 35 hours to print. After gluing them together the axe that is a massive 63 centimetres long.

The painting was a simple process of silver for the blades and a black / copper mix for the rest of the prop. To give the blades have a more weathered metal look Vagnier applied tape to the still wet paint and removed it after the rest of the axe was done.

If you’d like to make your own Eredar Splitter, you’ll need the files from Thingiverse.

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