YouTube channel Nick Brick is well known for creating 1:1 LEGO recreations of weapons from videogames, and now it’s showing you how to do it too.

Its most recent video is a complete tutorial to make a full scale build of Tracer’s Pulse Pistol as seen in Overwatch. And, hell, if you have enough parts you can go akimbo to be truly game accurate.

The video embedded below has absolutely everything you need. At 0:28 there’s the parts list laying out the individual pieces required, and from 2:44 there are the instructions to put them together.

If following a video isn’t how you like to build, the parts list is available as a static image, and the files for the build can be had on Dropbox.

A note on those files above: they require LEGO Digital Designer, which is a free piece of software from the company. Think of it as CAD software, but for plastic bricks.

That Dropbox folder also acts as central place to find similarly formatted files for most of  Nick Brick’s previous builds. These include the Ghost from Destiny, Ronin from Titanfall and more.