The Western Cape town of Beaufort West has become the first in the province to completely run out of municipal dam water supply.

The small town of 50 000 residents is now using borehole water from 32 boreholes and recycled sewage water as their sources, reports Times Live.

The province’s dam levels are currently at just under 28% and still on the decline as rain needed to fill dams up has been scarce.

“Theft of water from outside household taps is rife, with residents able to take a bath only once a week. Guesthouse owners have removed baths from rooms; municipal swimming pool employees now work in libraries,” the report states.

The situation has become so bad that residents have resorted to stealing water from each other’s properties and the municipality has recommended that each person only baths once or twice a week.

The municipality has said it’s hoping for rain to come and help fill the dams up, before the drought gets worse and the town runs out of alternatives.