3D Print the Witch-King’s gauntlets from The Lord of the Rings

With The Lord of the Rings in the news again thanks to the upcoming series from Amazon, so it’s a good time to look at a 3D print which also happened to be uploaded recently.

This pair of gauntlets is meant to imitate those worn by the Witch-King and were created by maker Scott Fank.

Fank tells us that modelling all the pieces that make this project up took around four hours in Fusion 360. Printing them out in a medium flexible filament took around 18 hours on top of that, including cleanup work.

Some of the pieces needed to be curved slightly to better fit onto the hand, which was done using hot water and a plastic tube to get the right shape.


From here the 58 individual pieces were hand sewn onto regular cotton gloves with hot glue thrown in to secure them further. That process took a further 12 hours.

The gauntlets measure in at 10″ X 8″ X 3″ (25.4 X 20.3 X 7.6 centimetres) and were finished with chrome spray paint over the black filament.

If that daunting process hasn’t put you off, you can try make your own using the files from Thingiverse.

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