We’ve been keeping up with the development of the latest rogue-like/lite Dead Cells since its Early Access launch earlier this year, and the biggest round of editions has a fancy new trailer.

The Brutal Update, as it’s being called, is the fourth big set of additions to the game. These include two new “biomes” (a type of level), a boss, four enemy types, two runes, and a bunch of reorganising for both the layout of the levels and the levelling system.

That’s just the main points of the update and you can read the changelog on the developer’s site.

Our favourite part of the trailer must be at around the 24-second mark where a new addition is the ability to literally ride lightning that damages enemies as you go.

If all of this has got you pumped for Dead Cells, just keep in mind that it’s still in Early Access. There’s no concrete release date yet, but it launched in May this year and the Steam page says that it will be in Early Access for eight to 12 months.

Aside from waiting for the full release you may also want to wait for the port of your choosing, as it could be coming to all three consoles. Dead Cells on the go with the Nintendo Switch sounds like a good time.

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