Samsung Electronics South Africa’s director of integrated mobility Craige Fleischer will be leaving the firm at the end of December the firm has told

The president of Samsung Electronics South and Southern Africa, Sung Yoon praised Fleischer for his time at the firm saying, “Craige has been with Samsung for six years, during which time he has become synonymous with Samsung Mobile. His formidable sales skills were a significant asset to the business.”

Before joining Samsung in 2011, Fleischer was the Research in Motion’s regional director for Southern Africa.

Samsung has said that it is prioritising the management of a smooth transition while a succession plan is formulated.

The big question now is where is Fleischer headed to next? All we know is that come the end of December he will “pursue new business opportunities”.

What exactly those are is a matter of speculation at this point but we’ll be sure to update you when we know more.