Authorities in Texas have reportedly served Apple with a warrant to provide them with data on a mass shooter’s iPhone SE.

The Texas Rangers are looking for access to any local and iCloud data that has been on the handset since 1st January 2016.

The warrant is a bit odd however as Apple already agreed to help authorities. The Cupertino firm said it reached out to the FBI after it learned authorities were trying to access the smartphone. The real kicker however is that had authorities asked Apple for help, it’s likely a warrant wouldn’t be needed at all.

A report by Engadget reveals that authorities might have been able to use the shooter’s fingerprint to unlock the handset up to 48 hours after they died.

Now another solution needs to be found and given how Apple and the FBI clashed while trying to unlock the iPhone owned by the San Bernadino shooter the FBI might look to a third party to unlock the handset.

It’s important to note that the encryption Apple employs when securing its handsets makes it difficult for it or anybody else to access the data without the correct authorisation.

How this situation plays out is yet to be seen, but we suspect the conversation around built in back-doors to flare up once again.

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