The number of South Africans aged 16 and upwards who are online is rising, with 65% of the country now connected, up from 63% in 2016. While behind the global average of 82%, South Africa is ahead of other African nations including Nigeria (63%) and Keyna (53%).

This information comes courtesy of Google’s Connected Consumer Study for 2017, which was released today. The study also reveals that the average age of South Africans online is lower than the global average, with 60% of them aged below 35 years.

Unsurprisingly, the devices most South Africans use to access the internet is a smartphone; 69% of consumers say they go online using a mobile device and smartphone usages has jumped pretty significantly in the last three years, going from 47% of the population to 60% this year. Most South Africans also say that they spend the lion’s share of their time online on social media.

The study also reveals that online shopping is a growing market, with 2.5 million South Africans reporting that they regular buy goods from online stores.

You can read the full report over on Google’s Consumer Barometer site.