The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has published draft code for persons with disabilities regulations.

Ominous as that sounds it’s actually a rather important code that would dictate how broadcasters should cater to those with disabilities.

“ICASA believes that access to communications services is a basic need for all South Africans, should not serve as a barrier and a challenge for persons with disabilities to engage with the rest of the population,” said Icasa Councillor Botlenyana Mokhele.

“As a result, the review of the Code for persons with disabilities will ensure inclusivity in all the services that we regulate,” added Mokhele.

The draft Code outlines a few things such as how much broadcasted content should contain subtitles and audio captioning.

The Code also stipulates that all electronic communications devices cater to the needs of persons with disabilities. This includes features such as an amplifier for persons with hearing disabilities to adjust the volume of a call or support for Braille keyboards on smartphones.

Comments can be submitted to Icasa via email by mailing [email protected] Interested parties will also be able to participate in the public consultation process which Icasa said will be held soon.

We have embedded the draft code below for you to peruse at your leisure.

[Image – CC 0 Public Domain Pixabay]