South Africa recently had a wake-up call in the cyber security world as the personal details of millions of residents where leaked in one of the biggest events of its kind in the world.

A little more than a month later and many people have already forgotten about the event or never heard of it in the first place. Your information could have been on the internet for anyone to see and you may not have even known.

And this event takes place only a few months after the WannaCry ransomware took hold of computers across the world, locking them down and disabling individuals and businesses from accessing anything on their drives.

With so much of the world now depending on what happens on computers, many feel a sense of powerlessness as intangible data has a tangible influence in their lives.

Insurance has usually been a salve to this problem, protecting you against theft or damage of your property. But there’s never been a way to protect your digital property from similar incidents.

That’s where King Price   comes in with their new cybersure programme. cybersure not only covers the data and software on your computers and servers, but also liability and loss of income stemming from events such as data breaches.

If that’s not enough, there’s also prises to be won. Head on over to where you’ll not find a standard entry form, but a game to be played.

King Price Insurance has created a retro-inspired game to be played right in your browser. Shoot the invaders and answer questions about cybersecurity best practices to complete the level and earn entries.

Level one is available right now with two more to be added in the coming months.

On top of this entries can also be had by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Eight finalists will be chosen from these entries to compete live to determine the final three winners. These winners will walk away with R1 million in Bitcoin and cash.

The game is open from 8th October to 28th February 2018, so there’s lots of time to play, win, and get insured even with the holiday rush at the end of the year. Just remember that while you’re relaxing the criminals on the internet do not, and the extra peace of mind that cybersure provides will be a nice little present to yourself and your business.

If you have any questions at all about getting cover for your business with cybersure, or about how you can win, make sure to email King Price Insurance directly at [email protected]. You can also read through the comprehensive FAQ page to learn more.

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