We’ve seen a lot of great 3D prints from the Portal series in the past, but never one for the simple radio. Now we have this working version you can make yourself.

It comes to us from user Aibot who designed and printed this apparently 1:1 scale replica of the radio as seen in the games.  The 3D printed shell weighs around 900 grams, and measures in at  300 X 135 X 190 millimetres.

Inside of the shell there’s a gutted Bluetooth speaker as well as some transparent plastic in the front to diffuse the blue light. That light comes from a strip of LEDs with a larger LED positioned in the middle.

Finally, there are a few screws to keep everything together and an aluminium rod for the antenna. We’re pretty sure that last inclusion is just for show.

To make your own start with the files available on MyMiniFactory. We’d love to see a version of this with a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino to make something that would truly fit into Portal.

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