More 3D prints of characters from Diablo that made the jump to Heroes of the Storm come pouring in, and now it’s time for Azmodan.

User “JohnMion” created this after many hours of playing HotS, wanting a desk toy for when he played the game with his wife.

He started by ripping the model directly from the game before importing it into Blender to change the model’s pose and to make it easier to print. From there it went to Meshmixer for more touch ups like smoothing and reducing the file size. Finally, it went to TinkerCad  for the last modifications.

The final model can be downloaded from Thingiverse and you can see the finished print in the gallery below.

It measures in at 100 x 71 x 94 millimetres and was painted using The Army Painter Range. A few recommendations for the painting process are also available on Thingiverse.

A big thanks to JohnMion for providing the pictures and details for this story. If you want another print from these games we highly suggest you check out Diablo in his HotS skin.

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