OUTsurance has launched a new product today that seems geared toward those with a more extreme lifestyle than most.

The product is called OUTthere and is best described as life insurance on-demand.

Using the OUTsurance app you can get life insurance to the value of R100 000 to R1 million for between one and 30 days whether you are an OUTsurance client or not.

Chief executive officer at OUTsurance, Danie Matthee explains:

After answering just five questions and making an immediate premium payment through a secure portal, you are covered. There are no forms, no medicals and no underwriting. We just need a selfie to prove that you are still alive and well.

To our mind this sounds great for folks that don’t feel they need to pay monthly for life insurance but might need accidental death cover for a particular event such as travelling down to the coast this festive season.

OUTthere is available on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes as a free download but keep in mind that OUTthere is a premium service.