Here’s some good news for anybody that has been toying with the idea of playing Destiny 2: the game is getting a free trial.

Starting today, gamers on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One will be able to download and play Destiny 2 for free – albeit in a limited fashion.

How limited, exactly?

Players will only be given access to two locations – European Dead Zone (EDZ) and Titan which are rather small but this is a free trial for a triple A game so we aren’t going to complain. Players will also be able to access the Farm.

Players will also be able to get a taste of the game’s multiplayer action in the Crucible, but will only have access to the Quickplay playlist.

This being a limited trial you will only be able to reach a maximum level of seven but you will be able to carry over any progress you make should you decide to buy the game.

If you do need a bit of help deciding whether Destiny 2 is the game for you take a look at our full review and my diary series that detailed my journey to level 20.

Destiny 2 is a rather fun game and I find myself going back to it more than once a week to complete missions and grind for gear. Hopefully, this free trial will convince some of my friends to check it out.

Update 1:

We checked the Blizzard App for any mention of the free trial, and found none.

On further investigation, we received this clarification from Activision:

  • Destiny 2 Trial Page:
  • Trial players will be able to play through all of the story content for two of the Destiny 2 destinations, European Dead Zone and Titan, and the Farm social space.
  • Players will have access to campaign missions and adventures for those destinations, and access to compete in the Quickplay Crucible playlist, enabling them to progress to level 7.
  • Trial players will also be able to join Clans, earn Clan XP, and complete available activities as part of a fireteam.
  • If players choose to purchase Destiny 2, their progress will carry over.
  • The trial has no end date.

We hope this clears up any confusion for players looking to take advantage of the offer.

Update 2:

As of 12:30pm on the 28th of November, the trial isn’t live – the URL above took us to a page punting it, but when we clicked on the platform we wish to try it on (PC), we were redirected to the Blizzard/Destiny 2 store page, where we can only buy the game.

We’ve reached out to the local disti for comment.

Update 3: 

By “today”, apparently Activision-Blizzard meant “7pm CET”, which is 8pm South African time. This is the latest info we have received from their local representatives; looks like you’ll just have to wait until later tonight for the trial to go live.