Cayde-6 Destiny 2 3D Print Pic 1 Header

A small 3D print of Cayde-6 with a large amount of detail

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All of the 3D prints we’ve featured from Destiny have focused on full size weapon props, so let’s look at a miniature this time.

At an apparent 1:24 scale and standing at only eight centimetres tall, it’s Cayde-6. Don’t let that small size fool you, as the test print you see in the gallery below has so much detail that it rivals much larger prints and even production display models.

This is thanks both to the printing process – SLA instead of FDM/FFF – and the talent of the designer. Morgan Morey created this model and you can see the same amount of work went into previous recreations of D.Va, Diablo, and more.

You can get the files to print your own on MyMiniFactory, and Morey has begun to sell unpainted prints through Shapeways. The latter option is a bit pricey though, starting at $71.32 for a translucent version.

If you don’t like the small scale or the choice of colour, make sure to get in touch and request something else, if you’re not going to print it yourself. 

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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