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Coldheart is the largest 3D print from Destiny 2 yet

Since its launched the Destiny 2 community has been pumping out recreations of the guns seen in the game, and the Coldheart rifle is the largest one yet.

Measuring in at 33.5 inches (85 centimetres) long and using around 2.5 kilograms of filament, this replica is much bigger than the Drang, Rat King and even Skyburner’s Oath prints we’ve featured before.

Uploader Jonathan Mason has also modeled in a moving parts such as a working trigger and a removable magazine. There’s also provisions to make it a more sturdy prop if you’re not going to be leaving it on a shelf all the time. You’ll need some wooden dowels or pieces of pipe to add rigidity.

The multiple parts (which Mason even colour coded) can be assembled using the guide accompanying the files over on MyMiniFactory.

The benefit of all those parts, aside from making it easier to print, is that you can skip over painting if you’d like. The very convincing version which you can see in the gallery below was done using the appropriate colours of filament instead of the usual process of using paint for the correct scheme.

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