Thor: Ragnarok Hela Helmet

Hela’s helmet in Thor: Ragnarok is an actual prop, here’s how it was made

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From the very first Thor: Ragnarok trailer Marvel was given praise for replicating Hela’s unwieldy headgear.

While it was accomplished with CGI in some sections, a full 1:1 scale prop of the headdress was created by the people at Ironhead Studio.

Tested got to sit down with the founder of the studio, Jose Fernandez, to talk about how exactly it was made.

You can watch it below, but if you don’t have a spare five minutes to sit through it, or you’re rightfully disturbed by the seemingly decapitated head of Cate Blanchett, we’ll have a brief summary after.

The helmet started out as a 3D scan of Blanchett’s head which was used to make a skullcap onto which everything else was modelled.

All the separate horns (is that the right word?) were printed out using some kind of carbon fibre filament resulting in the entire thing only weighing about four pounds, or 1.8 kilograms.

Each of the horns are removable allowing the filmmakers to remove them at will, and they can be added back in during post.

Finally, to get that black colour with the green effect, more than ten players of paint was used here.

If you’re someone who only watches the occasional Marvel movie, and was burned by the previous two movies, we do suggest that you check out Thor: Ragnarok it’s a lot of fun dispute its many flaws.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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