Judge Death’s helmet is the latest 3D print you can wear

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3D Prints of Judge Dredd’s famous helmet are old hat at this point, luckily the maker community has branched out and created this impressive recreation of Judge Death’s headgear.

Simon Bramley is the man to thank for the build. He tells us, rather modestly, that it only took him two to three hours to design, working on it sporadically for a month.

Despite some warping in the top dome – which is hidden now – the separate parts were printed out and joined together with ABS juice before being smoothed out with car body filler and some sanding. Bramley said that he avoided spending too much time sanding by using high fill primer.

After painting the required silver and black scheme the helmet stands at 21 x 26 x 26 centimetres and fits just right, as you can see in the gallery below.

If you’re thinking of making your own remember to scale it correctly to fit your head. To do that start with the files hosted over on Thingiverse.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.