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Three Hearthstone cards we want to see retired to the Hall of Fame


The end of the Year of the Mammoth is upon us which means that next year a bunch of cards will rotate out of Hearthstone’s standard set of cards.

While we will miss cards like Yogg Saron and even C’thun we’re also secretly hoping that a number of Classic and Basic cards get retired into the the Hall of Fame.

This space is reserved for cards from the Basic and Classic sets that won’t ever rotate out of the Standard format.

This year saw Sylvanas Windrunner and Blue Eyes White Dragon Azure Drake relegated to the Hall of Fame.

Which cards will be getting that treatment next year when the great rotation happens? That’s a matter of speculation at this point but we have some suggestions for Blizzard.

Note that this list only includes cards from the Classic and Basic sets.

Ice Block

Of all the cards that might be headed to the Hall of Fame the rare Mage secret Ice Block is perhaps the mostly likely to go.

The card is a staple in most Mage decks and even if its not intentionally put there a discover card or cards such as Babbling Book can often see a Mage playing more than two Ice Blocks in a game.

That which lives can never die.

The reason this card is on our list is because it is terrible facing a Mage, knocking their health down to one hit point and then watching as they Mage to steal a victory from you, a victory they never would have had.

While this is disheartening for those facing the class, we do worry that Mage would be at the behest of aggressive decks once Ice Block is gone.

That having been said there is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a Mage that’s triggered five Ice Blocks.


Houndmaster isn’t exactly a great minion but it does help other minions become great.

Take Alley Cat for instance. A 1/1 body that costs one-mana and summons another 1/1 body. If you cannot deal with those cats in the next turn things begin to spiral out of control rather quickly and Houndmaster facilitates that early on by granting a Beast additional stats and the Taunt keyword.

Please put the dogs back into where ever they were. Thanks.

Plop a Scavenging Hyena down behind that taunt and your opponent might as well concede.

All of that having been said it’s rather unlikely that Houndmaster will get bumped from the Standard roster but we would really like to see it gone.


How do you win a game with four basic totems and a few low cost minions? Bloodlust, that’s how.

You might think that clearing your opponents board of heavy hitting minions is a good plan until your heart sinks as all your opponent’s minions get an additional three damage to point at your face.


If your opponent happens to have seven minions on the board that represents 21 damage and if you have no taunt minions all of that damage is headed straight to your face.

Now we’re well aware that Shaman is not in the power seat that it once occupied but the evolve shenanigans that have been pushed in recent expansions gives us a cause for concern in so far as the aggression of Shaman is concerned.

This card also forces your opponent to play a certain way i.e. kill everything and hope you have resources left to secure a victory. This is fine if you’re playing that sort of deck but if you aren’t you’re going to have to hope something eventually sticks to the board.

Dishonourable mentions

These cards are not exactly problematic but we feel that their time in Hearthstone has run its course. The likelihood of any of these cards being shelved is low, very low.

Mind Blast – A two-mana card that does five damage straight to the face? Time to go.

Wild Growth – This will never happen because it’s part of the Druid class identity. That having been said a turn two Wild Growth into a four-mana minion is just bad news bears.

Brawl – Oh, you have a full board? Not any more.

Archmage Antonidas – We no longer require your assistance, especially with your Exodia Mage tactics.

  • What cards would you like to see relegated to the Hall of Fame? Do you disagree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below.


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